Sunday, May 11, 2014

#CueElection 2014 - Deadline May 15 for Nominations

The Cue Elections of 2014 

Members of the cuemmunity have one last chance for a chance at board service with the upcoming deadline for nominations to the National Cued Speech Association board of directors on May 15th.

At the end is text copy from the NCSA's eNews announcing the deadline for such nominations. Be sure to contact Claire Klossner if you're interested in nominating yourself or someone else. The new three-year term begins September 1.

People may ask what happens when you become a board member? Basically you're asked to attend four board meetings a year with two online and two in different cuemmunities. You're asked to spend time collaborating with others on various projects and committees. You're asked to support the NCSA's advocacy network and offer support when called on. You're asked to offer some financial support or access to resources otherwise unavailable. You're asked to make a commitment for three years to support the mission of the National Cued Speech Association. All without any pay.

Yet, board service can be very rewarding when you realize how critical the NCSA for supporting the cuemmunity. Scholarships and grants for cuers and cue camps. Print materials for affiliates to use at local events. #CueAdvocacy for those who are struggling to get cued language services. Setting the standards for Cued Speech instruction. Plus we have many projects that need to be funded, including app development, print materials translated into Spanish, and educational videos.  

It has been over six months since my original open letter announcing my intentions to run for NCSA president. Things have changed. We are now generating the momentum we need to put forth a dramatic transformation in how we educate children with hearing loss and those with special needs. Cue Cognatio is gearing up to start a full court press in regards to marketing and outreach. Through our storytelling, we are reaching a broader audience and aim to continue making progress on new fronts.

Given the new reality I am facing, it wouldn't be prudent for me to pursue the NCSA presidency. Fortunately, others have stepped up and answered the call to action. In response, I have nominated Rob McIntosh and Amy Crumrine for president and vice-president, respectively. In addition, I support the nomination of Benjamin Lachman as vice president of fundraising. Furthermore, I also nominate Rachel Mosetick as Rocky Mountain Regional Representative. We need more representation by those who we serve the most, the cuers themselves.

In order for the NCSA to move forward, it must truly include deaf cuers at the highest levels of administration, the executive committee. Together, three cuers will serve as a deaf majority within the core leadership. For the first time in the history of Cued Speech, we will truly have a team of leaders who have grown up with Cued Speech, yet have taken different perspectives on the experience of cuehood.

That is, only if you vote them into office. As an NCSA member you have the opportunity to cast your ballot and determine the direction of the NCSA. By participating in this #CueElection, you're placing a vote of confidence in the leadership of the NCSA.

Yet, there are many positions to fill. Ask yourself what your strengths are and whether you can leverage them towards making it easier to get Cued Speech workshops or cued language transliterators. Ask yourself whether you're willing to spend the time and resources to support the #CueMission of advancing Cued Speech for the sake of literacy and language development across all populations, not just the deaf and hard of hearing.

Ultimately, 2016's #CueCelebration will be a reflection of our cuemmunity service and dedication to supporting #CueAccess. From this point on, it is all hands on deck. The investments we make today will determine the outcomes of tomorrow. This is our moonshot.

Go nominate yourself. Update your membership so you can be sure to vote in the most important #CueElection of our generation.



Nominations are Open for the
NCSA Board of Directors

The NCSA Nominating Committee will be accepting nominations until May 15 for the Board of Directors. There are only a few days left!

The Nominating Committee is chaired by Claire Klossner (MD).  The Nominating Committee works to fill the NCSA slate and present a proposed slate for the 2014-2017 Board of Directors to the NCSA membership. The 2014-2017 Board begins September 1, 2014.

To apply for one of the positions below, please contact Claire Klossner, Committee Chair, at

Board positions are:

Officers (Executive Committee)
  • President
  • First VP
  • VP Fundraising
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


  • Camps / Affiliates
  • Government Liaison
  • Public Relations
  • Outreach
  • Web and Marketing
Regional Directors
  • Capital (DC, DE, MD, VA, WV)
  • Mid-Atlantic (KY, NC, TN)
  • Northeast (NJ, NY, PA, OH)
  • South (FL, GA, PR, SC, VI)
  • Southwest (AZ, NM, OK, TX)
  • Midwest (IA, KS, NE, MO)
  • Rocky Mountain (CO, ID, NV, UT, WY)
  • New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
  • Upper Plains (MT, MN, ND, SD)
  • West (AK, CA, HI, OR,WA)
  • Great Lakes (IL, IN, MI, WI)
  • Gulf Coast (AR, LA, MS, AL)